We Are Up To No Good

Apr 06

Frieburgs German Resturant

303 E Mainstreet Johnson City, TN

Downtown Johnson City has been the bar epicentre of our city for a long time.  With a handfull of barber shops, a tattoo shop, bridal stores, a kids museum,  and a few art galleries, one would expect to find a couple of bars; one for each little subculture that you can try to squeeze out of a city of less than 70,000.  To that end, downtown does our city justice.  We have all the pleasantries of a big city from the over priced loft apartments to the pawn shops, and guys already asleep in the city park at noon.  Its the last little piece of americana left in a city desparately trying to keep up with the Joneses in terms of Chain resturants, High End Subdivisions, Trendy Clothiers, and a mile long strip of highway’s worth of car dealerships that are just perfect for anyone who wants to live the American Dream.

The last resturant you would expect to stumble into in this older, but familiar part of town is also the one place that fits so perfectly. Its not the Asian Fusion resturant that some guy visited in Portland and decided to re-create in the great appalachians, and at the same time, it’s not the bar around the corner that makes the “Best Bacon Cheeseburger in the World!”.  It is the perfect balance of gourmet and home cooking. That is if your family happend to be german.  With a relatively small capacity (approx 85-100), you can’t help but feel at home.  The resturant is layed out in 2 levels. The floor level has the bar and a couple 2, 4 and 6 top tables. This is also the same floor the kitchen is on.  The 2nd level has a few larger tables and such.  My favorite part about the architecture of the building would have to be the deer antler chandaliers.  If the look and feel of a resturant add to your overall experience this is the place to go.

Once you take your seat and order your drink, you will forget that you are in east Tennessee.  Thier beer menu is full of delicious “meal in a glass” lagers, ales, stouts, and pilsners; none of which include PBR, Budwieser, or Michelob Light.  Upon your second or third drink out of that Liter of Eurorail Gold that takes both hands to drink, you realize you have been (for the time being) transported across thousands of miles of ocean to a small town pub where a folk duo are singing the most beautiful song you have ever heard, in a language you can’t speak. If you don’t feel like the most important guy in the room by this point, when the owner and chef Andreas personally comes to your table to thank you for coming to his resturant you will start to realize that you have this old feeling that you used to have before you were a grown up.  I think they call it “satisfaction” or maybe “enjoyment”, or maybe “satisfaction through enjoyment”. 

Regardless of what you order, you will not be able to finish it.  From thier Saxon Potato Skins stuffed with such delicious flavor that I woudln’t dare try to recreate for fear of ruining our love affair, to the hand tenderized Schnitzel platter with panfried potatos and red cabbage,  you will want to try one of everything on the menu.  If you have room in your stomach, or refrigerator, you should try the black forest chocolate cake. I’m not going to try to explain it to you.  Some other great dishes to try are the Brats, Fried Cheese Platter, and my personal lunch favorite, The Frikkadela.  This 8 oz burger is served on a pretzel bun with muenster cheese and spicy mustard. I dare you not to like it.

In a town full of Chrysler 300’s with Bentley grills, Resturant owners who see dollar signs instead of happy customers, microwave lasagna dinners and fusion resturants with more culinary mash-up than a Girl Talk album.  Freiburgs reminds me just how good a resturant can be with the right ethic, a solid menu, and a genuine love for the food you are passionate about.

If you enjoy this I may do more reviews


Photo Credit: Jake Hathaway

Oct 20

Episode 4 Bloopers

No description needed other than SINGLE LADIES DANCE.

Oct 15

The Great Country Style Dinner

What’s up dudes and dudettes?! After a little time off for mission work and binge drinking we are back with an all new butter covered, deep fried episode of UP TO NO GOOD. We also give some tips on how to effectively turn Halloween into a winner this year and how to prejudge a potential hookup to avoid embarrassment (and other face paint related mishaps)

DUDES: Here is your Cheat Sheet .PDF as promised. Print it out and keep it in your pocket!


Green Beans
2 pounds of Green Beans
2 TBS of bacon fat
1/8th cup of bacon
Salt and Pepper to taste

    Country Fried Steak
    Chuck Ground Beef (85/15)

    Egg Wash
    2 eggs

      Chili Powder

        Ranch Potatoes
        4lbs of potatoes (russet or red)
        1 bundle of green onions
        Half bottle of Ranch (about 8-10 oz.)
        1/2 packet of Ranch dressing mix
        Salt and Pepper to taste

          Sep 08

          This weeks episode is more laid back. Brad and Jake cook 25 pounds of meat and party with friends to celebrate women giving birth (Isn’t that what Labor Day means?)

          Also, keep watching until the end for some slip and slide carnage!


          Pork Butt Rub (Yeah, I said BUTT RUB)

          • 2 cups Brown sugar
          • Chili powder
          • Salt
          • Black pepper
          • Cayenne pepper
          • Red pepper flakes
          • Garlic powder

          Whiskey BBQ sauce

          • 1 can tomato paste
          • 2 shots George Dickel
          • 1 cup brown sugar
          • 1 cup corn syrup
          • 1/2 cup honey
          • 1/2 cup water

          Reduce to desired consistancy

          Teriyaki Marinade for Steaks and Pineapple

          • 2/3 Cup Soy Sauce
          • 1/2 Cup Sherry Wine
          • 1/2 Cup Red Wine Vinegar
          • 1 18oz can of Pineapple Juice
          • 6 T Sugar
          • 1/2t garlic powder
          Sep 08

          Episode 2 Bloopers.

          Just for the hell of it.

          I hate youtube but I have hit my vimeo limit for the week and we cant afford the Plus Account!

          Sep 03

          Episode #002 Cornbread Chili Pie:

          In this episode Brad and Jake tackle the cornbread chili pie, and answer a heartfelt email from Bruteforce's Jon Moore.



          • 2 cups Cornmeal
          • 1/4 cup milk
          • 1 can creamed corn
          • 1 can diced Chillies
          • 1/8 cup oil
          • 1 egg
          • Salt
          • Pepper


          • 1/2 LB Ground Beef
          • 1/2 Can Black beans
          • 1/2 can Red Kidney beans
          • 1/2 can corn
          • 1/4 cup diced chives
          • 1/4 cup Chopped green onions
          • Chili powder
          • Cayenne Pepper
          • Black Pepper
          • Onion Powder
          • Garlic Pownder
          • Chopped garlic
          • 1/2 chopped tomato
          • 8 oz “Mexican” cheese mix.


          • 5-7 tomatoes
          • 1 Onion
          • 2-3 Jalapenos
          • Cilantro (1 bunch, chopped)
          • 1 Green Onion
          • Garlic (1 clove, minced)
          • Lime Juice
          • Salt & Pepper to taste
          Aug 25

          UP TO NO GOOD Episode 1

          This week we make a light Salaman Summa’ Salad salad to line that stomach before a night of lewd brews and sick cigz.


          1. 8 oz salmon fillet
          Sea Salt
          Lemon Pepper
          5/8 cup white wine
          Olive/blended oil
          4 cloves of garlic (chopped)
          Key Lime Juice
          Dehydrated Cranberries (craisens)
          Baby Spinach.
          Vine Ripe Tomatoes.

          Have a recipe you want us to try or a cuisine you want to know more about? Shoot us an email!